Sunday, December 13, 2015

What are Universal Aspects

What are Universal Aspects:

Universal Aspects are forms in both Thought and Physicality within the Universe’s “Design”. The forms observable within physicality and thought have an interconnected relationship...

The Aspects are one of the most pivotal components of reality, along with things like time, the senses, the 3 dimensions of space, etc. The aspects could be seen as the building blocks of consciousness itself.

All thoughts are aspects themselves. Every subject a mind can perceive is basically a form of universal aspects. In physical reality there are forms of life and matter. All of them have conscious thoughtforms that relate to them. These are Universal Aspects. Everything you see has a set of Universal Aspects that relate to it. In other words many forms of thought and energy to experience that are based upon reality.

In the picture above you see a kitten, when you look at the cat your mind generates a conscious energy to match the cat's physical form. This is the interconnectedness of Universal Aspects and consciousness witnessed by anyone reading this.

The Aspects in both physicality and thought both relate to sound. For example a dog's bark or cat's meow relate to their being in ways.

I recommend the first post on this website(this is the 3rd) if you would like to explore this subject further. However my wording in this article may be a lot better than I was able to write it in previous work.

This website is brand new this month. I plan on keeping this website for a long time. I'm not sure what it will turn into but so far I plan on explaining Universal Aspects as clear as I can, and occasionally posting a high quality audio to observe that I personally think matches certain aspects.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Universal Aspects in Sound Videography ~ Part 1

The first track I will post related to Universal Aspects and Sound, is a track by Vibrasphere and Ticon called Dewdrops. Honestly I only listen to the first like 1 minute or so, but it's a great one minute :)

The first minute or so of this song I have experienced extraterrestrial music enhancing to, which includes bringing concepts and energies in my mind that align to sounds while I listen to music. I am not sure how much a natural experience of these sounds could align to cosmic things(stars etc) like I have experienced ET technology serve my mind to these sounds, but maybe people will be able to see it with how distinct these sounds are.

I am not fully sure what this website will become. Universal Aspects are involved with and/or are everything in existence. If you would like to know what I see as Universal Aspects, see the first post on this website(the post you are reading now is the second).

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Aspects of the Universe ~ Narrated by Gareth Icke

The Aspects of the Universe ~ Narrated by Gareth Icke
This video explains what I call Universal Aspects. I have had a hard time summarizing them in words, but as time goes on I will be refining my definition to be able to summarize it well in a sentence(finally). Much thanks to Gareth Icke(David Icke's Son) for narrating this video for free, I offered him money and he turned it down...

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